Is it possible to know God’s will for your life?


I am often approached with individuals who are trying to find and understand God’s will for their life. Additionally, I often think about the subject of God’s will, and what it means to be in His will for our life. There have been a multitude of individuals address the subject of God’s will, but I often find them to be over complicated.

In the spiritual age in which we live, there has been a heavily renewed interest in robust theological debates and understandings. I am perfectly content with this, as I believe a strong theology produces a strong Christian, and a weak theology produces a weak Christian. However, if one is not careful, they will over complicate anything and everything all for the means of explaining away deep, theological truths most will not understand – or even lack the capacity to do so. Let us not make the same mistake concerning the theological implications of finding, knowing, and doing God’s will.


I would like to submit to you a simplified process of “Knowing God’s Will.”

Truthfully, I think knowing God’s will is a fourfold process, centered around four key moments.


So for the sake of simplicity, I have broken down the process into the four steps below, and will seek to answer them over the course of this, and the next three blog posts.

1.) Knowing God’s Will, Pt 1 – Simplicity

2.) Knowing God’s Will, Pt 2 – Salvation

3.) Knowing God’s Will, Pt 3 – Sanctification

4.) Knowing God’s Will, Pt 4 – Spiritual Giftedness


Knowing God’s Will, Pt 1 – Simplicity

Let’s examine the first stage of knowing God’s will; Simplicity.

Concerning God’s will, it’s time to come back to simplicity. If you want to over complicate man-made theology, that is your business. But please, for the sake of new Christians seeking out the spiritual milk of God’s Word, stop complicating God’s will.

Make no mistake; God’s will is not complicated. Anybody can find God’s will.

I think that merits repeating.

Anybody can find God’s will.


Many individuals like to think there is some sort of rite-of-passage you must endure; some elaborate, technical, spiritual obstacle course you must best, in order to find God’s will. This is foolishness. There are a multitude of mystery’s concerning God and His Word, but one of them is not His will for your life. God is not sitting up on a majestic throne in heaven, laughing as you stumble around, tripping over sticks and stones, feebly attempting to find your path and direction. This is not the God of the Bible. God desires for you to know His will for your life. More specifically, God will help you find His will for your life.


So let’s cast aside the thought, that God’s will is some far-away, unattainable mystery, and that I only may start to understand portions of it when I set out on an elaborate journey to prove myself to my family, my denomination, and my God. Shame on you. If that is your understanding of God, you do not understand God.

God wants you to know His will and He wants you to find His will; yes, He will even aid you in the search process!


The Bible paints a beautiful picture of the one who seeks the matters of God. Jesus Himself stated the importance of seeking the things of God (Matthew 7:7-12). There is something to be said for diligently, and prayerfully, searching after God’s plan for your life. Consequently, let’s simplify the process of knowing God’s will.

“I want to know God’s will. God wants me to know His will. God will help me know His will.”


So then, if I want to know God’s will, the best approach to knowing, is an approach of simplicity.

When you come to the acceptance of this first step, finding God’s will becomes far less complicated, and far more simple.




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